29 Mar

Haikyuu is the most in-demand anime among its viewers. This anime series is written by Haruichi Furudate

It is believed among the viewers that HaiKyuu!! Season 5 will take more time to be released. So, it is not confirmed when will season 5 be released. But according to a tweet made recently, it is confirmed that it will be released soon. Also, it was June 2020 when Yoshiki Kobayashi (a music producer) informed that the recording for season 5 has started.

Season 4 ended when Hinata was quite stressed as he missed the opportunity to score first in the match.

Haiku season 5 might be showing that Hinata is going to Karasuno High school for learning Volleyball and will qualify for the nationals. The anime will revolve around the Volleyball team and will elaborate on the relationships among the players. In addition to this, there will be a story of a short guy named Shōyō Hinata who is striving for becoming a great volleyball player. This series will also put light on the friendship and rivalries among the characters.

So, for the question of whether Hinata will qualify the nationals, the answer is it might be possible. It can not be said with firm determination what actually will happen in the series as it has not been launched yet, but soon it will. So, viewers are advised to be patient and soon they will get to see the latest series of Haikyuu.

Also, watching the series will be much more fruitful if the watch order of Haikyuu is favored in a sequential manner.

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