29 Aug

Are you a player of the most popular game Free - Fire? Then you must want to know about the richest free-fire player in India in 2022.In the game Free fire, there is no need for any introduction as most internet users are familiar with this fantastic royal battle game. It has reached a new height every coming day after the PUBG game is banned.  It is among the most played games globally. That’s why the players of the free-fire game want to know who is the king of the game. Who is the richest noob in the FreeFire world?  

Before proceeding, we have to know the term Noob, and Roblox Noob that is used in terms of the game. The Noob is the word that is used either for insulting the opponents or as a common call for his partner. Roblox Noob is the player who is new to the game or has worn a robotic skin on the game.  Nowadays Noob is a common word that is used to denote the players of the free-fire. 

Who is The Richest Noob in The Freefire Game? 

 Let me tell you, Lokesh Gamer is the richest noob in India in the Freefire game. He is among the richest streamers who has a youtube channel presenting different game videos. His youtube channel has also managed to be the most viewed channel among gamers. Approx 12.4 million subscribers used to view his videos on youtube.  In his Freefire game his winning percentage is 21 %.  

Some Briefing about Lokesh Gamer

 Real Name: Lokesh Raj SinghMonthly Income: $3404 per monthFree Fire ID - 220528068Team: Team Hind LeaderWin Rate: More than 21%Kills: 5155K/D: 2.30Played Game: over 2833 matches. 

Lokesh Gamer’s Youtube channel

 Lokesh Gamer launched his first video on his youtube channel on 7th April 2019. In the past 3 years, he has gained vast popularity in terms of youtube subscribers and that will definitely turn into his earnings.The monthly earnings of the Lokesh gamer from youtube are approx $296.7k. Apart from youtube, he is very popular on other social media websites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter loco, Winzo, etc.    

Final Words

The name Lokesh Gamer is not a name of a common man, he is among the richest people who has gained tremendous success in his short year of age. It is not very easy to be such a popular and rich person at this age. 

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